Sigma Beta Xi
its ok… we knew you’d come by

It’s not like I used your Brother Corey to get you here… you just felt moved in your heart to check out this tumblr page. Well, good for you bro, good. for. you.

Just wanted to let you know that we would also like to hear from you. I know you don’t want a tumblr account so just use the “what’s on your mind” button above. Just fill in all the little details, check the “accept terms” button (pretty much saying your not gonna say any hateful things), and post. BOOM! that easy…

You can also submit “Brother requests” there’s a button above for that too. This feature actually let’s you do it anonymously too. So, if you want to know that your brother’s are there for you, but aren’t really ready to share it personally, that’s the place to go. But, can I say, this is a brotherhood. You don’t have to go at it alone. You can easily contact anyone of us and we’ll be there for you. This is just a place to gather collectively and see who we can be there for, catch up with, or laugh with. If you need advice/council, or just a shoulder to lean on, call up one of your brothers. If we’re walking together and one of us fall’s, the other can be there to help us up.

and lastly…

send us your stories, updates, what you’re doing, and whatever awesome things you’re accomplishing. This is about being brothers. How many of you knew that Brother Corey met the terminator


crazy right!?!?! Arnold took the picture, because even though he’s saved John Conner, killed a predator, and is gonna be in Expendables 2 he is no match for Brother Corey. So what’s going on in your life?

Please let us celebrate with you. If it’s easier, please e-mail us at, with any pics, stories, links, or whatever you’d like to share, and we’ll post it for you. We know you’re busy, but don’t miss the opportunity to share your success with your brothers. You never know whose life your’s will touch, bless, and encourage.


being awesome!!!